Italian menu



€ 11,00
Potatoes and leeks soup served with smoked salmon and paprika crumble 1,4

Miami incident

€ 22,00
Lamb shin stewpie cooked with stout and vegetables 1,7,9

We found Nemo!

€ 17,00
Fish & chips with Skrey cod in stout batter, triple cooked chips , peas and mint cream and raspberry vinegar 1,3,4

Cottage pie

€ 12,50
Meat and peas pie covered with mash potatoes and baked au gratin 1,7,8,9


Sirloin steak 300g

€ 20,00
Served with side dish

Rib eye 800g/ 1200g -Ireland-

€ 5,00/100g
served with side dish

Rib eye 900g/ 1000g/ 1100g -Poland-

€ 5,00/100g
served with side dish


SMALL 250g

LARGE 500g €11,00
marinated and fried chicken wings to choose from:
  • Pussies (plain)
  • Not for pussies4 (hot spicy)
  • Sventrapapere (super hot spicy)


Baby Babe 220g ca.

Brave Babe 450g ca.€15,00
Slow cooked pork ribs marinated with spices and smoked beer (we've choosed only brave babes)1,4,10



slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and whiskey mary rose sauce1,4,7,10


slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, with cheese, tomato, lettuce,flemish red ale stewed onions, and ketchup1,7

Porca vacca

slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, with cheese, tomato, lettuce, crispy bacon, and Tavern's sauce1,4,7

Signor Maiale

slow cooked pulled pork with spices and cider, served with coleslaw, and Tavern's sauce1,4,7,9,10

Ciccio Bastardo

sandwich with slow cooked sausage burger, roasted peppers, crispy onion, and Tavern's sauce1,4

Heart Attack

€ 15,00
slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, with cheese, tomato, lettuce, double crispy bacon, fried egg, and salsa Ardbeg1,3,4,7,10


slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, with cheese, tomato, lettuce, jalapenos peppers and ass-breaker sauce 1,7


larded slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, served with sous vide cooked shrimps, and roket pesto1,2,7,8


larded slow cooked pure beef burger sandwich, served with porcini mushrooms, Pastorut blue cheese cream, and cocoa grue1,7


sandwich with cooked salmon smoked with Balkan tobacco (served cold) roket salad, brûlé caprino cheese, and gueuze housedressing1,4,7,10

Don Panino

grilled purple aubergine parmigiana sandwich, with tomato sauce and parmesanm served with smoked burrata cream, and basil and nuts sauce1,7,8


Croque Monsieur

€ 6,50
Buttered toast with baked ham, and provola cheese1,7

Croque Madame

€ 8,00
Buttered toast with baked ham, provola cheese, and fried egg1,3,7


€ 7,00
Buttered toast with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cream, mortadella, provola cheese, and chopped pistachos1,7,8

Focu meu

€ 7,00
Buttered toast with hot spicy spianata, provola cheese, and olive powder1,7


€ 6,00
Buttered toast woth spiced tomatoes, provola cheese, origan, and olive powder1,7


Under the scotman's kilt

scotch egg enveloped with curry seasoned sausage and beef minced meat1,3,4

Los pollos hermanos

crispy chicken strips seasoned with mediterranean spices and parmesan breading1,3,7

Triple cooked chips

our homemade triple cooked chips

Rocco's approved

spiced oven potatoes


cabbage, onion, carrot and cumin salad, topped with ranch sauce7


Salsa Taverna

Our version of the HP sauce, balsamic and sweet and sour, with a little spiciness4

Salsa Ranch

sour cream with garlic and chives7

Salsa all'Ardbeg

our version of the rose mary sauce, added with smoky Ardbeg whiskey4,7

Salsa spaccaculi

sauce only for brave people, very hot spicy with a mix of chili peppers to warm your mouth

Salsa alla rucola

roket pesto with pine nuts and lemon juice7,8

Salsa al basilico

basil pesto with nuts and parmesan7,8

Crema di Pastorut

sauce made with Pastorut blue cheese7

Senape alla ale

a mix of various mustards with a drop of pale ale, slightly sweet and sour1,10



biscuit cigar filled with smoked salt caramel and glazed with Valrhona dark chocolate, served with custard and aalmond ash1,3,6,7,8

That's not a fuckin' birramisù

Half pint with peanuts streusel, a layer of black chocolate and imperial stout mousse, and a layer of Dulcey Valrhona1,5,6,7


Cover charge

€ 1,50


  1. Cereals containing gluten
  2. Crustaceans
  3. Eggs
  4. Fish
  5. Peanuts
  6. Soya
  7. Milk
  8. Nuts
  9. Celery
  10. Mustard
  11. Sesame seeds
  12. Sulphur dioxide
  13. Lupin
  14. Molluscs

Taverna Ai Mastri D'Arme Restaurant Guru

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